Review Buku “The Eureka Factor”

Penulis: John Kounios dan Mark Beeman.  Bahasa: Inggris. Tebal: 222 pages. Reading Time: 5-6 jam.

“Where do great ideas come from?”
“What actually happens in your brain during a Eureka moments?”

“How can we have more of them?”

John Kounios and Mark Beeman, leading expert on the neural bases on insight and creative thinking, have conducted pioneering neuroimaging research examining brain activity at and before these moments of clarity.  In The Eureka Factor they reveal exactly how sudden insight are formed in the brain, how we can increase our chances of generating them, and how they impact our thinking.

Helping to unlock the mechanisms behind intuitive flashes and inspiration, this groundbreaking account not only explains the science of insight, but also the keys to innovation and creativity.

Eureka moment refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept.

This book contain theories and practical games to train your creativity, so that this book recommended mostly for public speaker (seminar coach, lecturer, teacher, etc) who need ideas to make ice breaker and games.

The problem for me was the font size, too small for my minus 5 eyes.

Overall, not too many books like this. Good one to complete your library.

Score: 8/10

Dr. Ronny Sucahyo



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