A Great Syllabus (1st Day Class With Joseph Tong, Ph.D)

My first day class with Prof. Joseph Tong, Ph.D was all about excitement. I was a vocal student of Mr. Solomon Tong, that was a good vocal coaching session tho, so I expected something inspiring from this “Tong” brother, especially about his Teaching Style, His personality and if im lucky enough, I could dig a abit about his mindset, which could be a priceless treasures. But for the first day, I was wondering more about the syllabus than his teaching style.
And the syllabus was surprised me indeed. It was only 70 pages, include the cover, but it was fully loaded with diamonds! Its contain the essences of selected worth reading books, with great taste of quality, quoted by Mr Joseph Tong, and He even accompany us to read carefully step by step. So all I need was set my pen prepared, focus on his talk and reading, and make the important notes for my needs.
Mr. Joseph Tong requires us to read “Management for your church” by Alvin Lindgren and Norman Shawchuck, and “Pastoral Leadership” by Robert D.Dale. He is also suggest us to read seven other books to be read, and two movies to be watched. I could easily felt that Mr Joseph really love to educate us. Simply saying, He was very well prepared, passionate and love to shares!
The Syllabus construct with description, definition, objectives, requirements and many theories written by good authors and writers. What is the best from this syllabus is you know what is important to dig more, and the relevance with modern books. Yes, some of the books were old published books, so it is so tempting my mind, to compare with the modern books and newest theories.
The only thing I barely able to critic was about the printing quality of the syllabus. It was not Mr Joseph Tong fault I know. Its copied by STT Bethany Surabaya’s staff, with poor quality copy, I am not complaining cause its free. Some of my friends, initiated to bundle the copy, a good response though. I didn’t response that way. Instead, I re write it in my computer and my memory. That was my best approach to value this great syllabus, so I can use next time when I get chance to teach others.
In brief, I thank to you, Mr Joseph Tong for this well prep syllabus. You scope the nuance very well, provide the details in good order, even provide a simple leadership orientation style assessment (Lee Bolman work), which is very refreshing. The syllabus so far is the best I ever had during my study at STT Bethany Surabaya. I hope the other lecturer could follow your step further, as a new standart of syllabus.


Dr. Ronny Sucahyo

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