A Mindset Legacy (4th Day Impression with Joseph Tong, Ph.D)

The fourth day was varies with group discussion. Mr Joseph Tong gave us a quiz that our group should discuss it.  The quiz was about values clarification, Lost At Sea.  Its kind of a survival mode when you are alone at sea, while your yatch is slowly sinking. You have to choose 5 most important thing to bring of 15 items available:  Sextant, Shaving Mirror, Five-gallon can of water, Mosquito netting, One case of U.S. Army C- rations, Maps of the Pacific Ocean, Seat Cushion (flotation device approved by the Coast Guard), Two-gallon can of oil-gas mixture, Small transistor radio, Shark repellent, Twenty square feet of opaque plastic, One quart of 160-proof Puerto Rican rum, Fifteen feet of nylon rope, Two boxes of chocolate bars, Fishing kit.

My group had a nice and easy discuss while some of my friends let me be the leader and decide what to bring.  Hence, I said to my grop, “it’s about 3 modes: survival which are foods and drinks, saved by the saviors from out there or trying to save yourself. The latest choice I will never choose because its simply impossible to save ourself in the middle of the sea.  So, map, sextant, radio, they are useless. Tickets to the heaven”.  So I chose foods and drinks, also shaving mirror and oil gas mixture. Our group agreed instantly so we have one voice less than 5 minutes.

After the discussion time ended, Mr Joseph ask us to answer and again, He show us the way He thought, read the problem and gather the solutions. He demonstrated his creative thinking, outside of the box by explaining why most people thought literally and have no capability to connect things as a solution. As he said, “if you look at the map, its not only a map, it’s a paper that probably can be used also. But in this case, map or paper, both were useless to survive”.

In brief, I will express His whole fourth day lessons in three points:  Practical problems shares with his personality trait of making decision, life value transfer, and a role model named Joseph Tong.

When making decision, as I quoted Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Mr Joseph Tong is a Thinker type (T).  He love “de jure”, back to the principle. He love to share his life value.  What is correct, what is true, what is wrong, according of his life value. Its good to see a grandpa shared his perspective so we can get the bigger picture.  When He asked a question, its likely He only have one correct answer, its “His answer”.  This kind of “his answer” for me is a life value transfer. He try to persuade as to imitate his life value, as a famous quote from anonymous, “give something great to imitate”.

Eventually, for me Prof. Joseph Tong, Ph.D is a role model.  A brilliant mind, passionate teacher, a man who living outside the box, a “T” type,  and an expert in education.  Mr Joseph,  Many thank for your time, I was impressed so much, learn so many thing and prayer for your health and keep be a blessing to your more students.


Dr. Ronny Sucahyo

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