Review Buku “Internal Drive Theory”

Penulis: Dr. Petunia Lee. Tebal: 316 pages. Bahasa: Inggris. Reading Time: 6-7 jam.

This book documents 11 differents motivation strategies, each inspired by an established stream of research in the field of Human Motivation. These strategies are designed to bring about Internal Drive Ignition (TM) in children.  They form part of a larger basket of strategies that Dr. Petunia Lee uses to ignite internal drive in children.

Each reseach inspired strategy is explained simply and illustrated with real life anecdotes in order to paint the hows and whys of its use in vivid detail. Used together, these strategies may help families save money on tuition because a motivated child is half the battle won. It is hoped that these strategies will sweeten the lives of many children by enhancing the motivation skills of parents.

For me the font size and lay out are perfect. It wont hurts your eyes, spacious and creative with ilustrations and bold-italic font styling. Helps me to read faster without losing the detail informations.

I would recommend this book for parents and teacher at the first place.  If you’re facing the “how to motivate your children to study” problems, this book surely will give you the decent helps.

Score: 9/10

Dr.Ronny Sucahyo

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