Review Buku “Quirkology”

Penulis: Richard Wiseman. Tebal Buku: 276 pages. Bahasa: Inggris. Reading Time: 5-6 hours.

Ever wondered why bad musicians always win the Eurovision song contest? or how incompetent politicians get elected?

Professor Richard Wisean uncovers the secret ingredients of charisma, explores how our personalities are shaped by when we are born and examines why people usually miss the obvious sign of their partner’s infidelity. Using scientific methods to investigate offbeat topics, Quirkology brings a new understanding to the backwaters of the humand mind and take us to places where mainstream scientists fear to tread.  These findings include: the funniest joke in the world, how your surname influences your life and what the way you walks reveals about your personality.

This book is mind blowing, challenging but to be frank, not all the messages of this book that I could agree. Its like practical psychology, and like all psychological things, sometimes it needs your faith to trust. LoL. Psychology always changing with the newest research, so I took this book as a data book or the idea book, not the ‘bible’.

The best thing of this book is very useful for seminar speaker. It can make the audiens focus on you instantly. Very attractive points likes chronopsychology, the psychology of lying and deception, and more. If you want to be known as well knowledge person, read this book!

Overal score: 8/10

Dr. Ronny Sucahyo


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