Review Buku “Making Ideas Happen”

Penulis: Scott Belsky. Tebal buku: 232 pages. Bahasa: Inggris. Reading Time: 4-5 hours.

Edison said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Ideas for new business, solutions to the worlds problem and artistic breakthroughs are common, but great execution is rare. While most books tell you how to release your creativity potential, Scott Belsky shows that success is not about ideas. Its about making ideas happen.

According to Belsky, founder and CEO of Behance, ideas don’t happen because they’re great – or by accident. Creative success is a matter of rethinking methods and increasing focus, while rewarding old-fashioned passion and perspiration.  This book reveals the 3 steps vital to making any idea happens: Getting organized, Collaborating and … get this book and read for yourself. LoL.

There are too many ideas in the world and not enough action. Here, at least, is a systematic approach to creative organization and productivity.

The book’s layout is okay, the font size is a bit too small for my eyes.

Overal score: 8.5/10

Dr.Ronny Sucahyo

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