Review Buku “Practical Mental Magic”

Penulis: Theodore Annemann. Tebal buku: 310 pages. Bahasa: Inggris. Reading Time: 20-21 hours.

Mind reading, thought transmission, prophecy, miracle slate routines, and other ‘psychic’ effects are among the most impressive trick in any magician’s repertoire. Their power to amaze and dumbfound an audience is unparalleled in the domain of stage magic. In this volume, one the greatest of all mental magician reveals the secret behind nearly 200 astonishing feats of mental magic.

The routine encompass 12 major categories:

  1. Effects with Billets and Pellets
  2. Publicity Effects
  3. Dead or Alive
  4. Book Test
  5. Thought Foretold
  6. Misc Mental Masterpieces
  7. Envelope Necromancy
  8. Miracle Slate Routines
  9. Money Mentalism
  10. Blindfold Reading
  11. Mentalism With Cards
  12. Psychic Codes

Theodore Annemann, through his own performance and editorship of Jinz magazine, probably did more than anyone else to popularize this branch of entertainment.

These and scores of other crowd-pleaser are here, each thoroughly explained and diagrammed, with insiders’ tips on techniques, staging, patter, plants and confederates, diversions – everything you need to make any trick a foolproof success. No special equipment is required; just traditional magic props and a willingness to learn from one of magic’s legendary figures.

a super book for mental magic lovers!  Very recommended if you’re really wants to learn about mental magic. For public speaker, it could be a great gimmick for your session. Its not satanic, don’t worry. Its just a magic game techniques book with the how to details.   LoL.

Overal Score: 9/10

Dr. Ronny Sucahyo

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