Review Buku “The Charisma Myth”

Penulis: Olivia Fox Cabane. Tebal Buku: 246 pages. Bahasa: Inggris. Reading Time: 5-6 hours.

Charisma can be a huge asset if youre applying for a job, improving your relationships or leading other people. The Charisma Myth shows your how to become more influential, more persuasive and more inspiring.

Many people believe that charisma is unchangeable – you either have it or you don’t. But that’s simply not true. This groundbreaking, best selling book reveals how charismatic behavior can be learned by anyone.

Olivia Fox Cabane breaks charisma down into its fundamental components, revealing the secret to how it works. Improving your charisma doesn’t mean transforming your personality: its about adopting a series of practices that suit you.

If you loves personality theories like MBTI, Dan Korem Profiling, Socrates Four Humours, DISC and more, this book more or less is like charisma personality theories. It divides people base on their strait and categorize them into charisma types.

Recommended for public speaker and personality theories lovers.

Overal Score: 9/10


Dr. Ronny Sucahyo

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